Ever wondered about what you'd look like with your friend's mouth? Your cat's ears? No? Seriously? Why not? Well, stop and think about it a second.

...Okay, so it isn't that easy, is it? Don't worry, Head Spinner is here to do all of the work for you. Simply take a picture using your device's camera (or import a photo from your library) and it will automatically split it into three pieces -- forehead, eyes/nose and mouth. The pieces go into a spinner so you can switch out pieces with a simple swipe!

"Wait", you say. "I bet these pieces don't line up and it just looks stupid." Have no fear, you can zoom and pan each piece of the spinner to get a perfect match everytime! When your creation is complete, you can save it to your photo library or share via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or email. You get all this for the incredibly low price of $.99!

So head on over to the app store and start spinning your head!